Why Cruises Are Not for Everyone

Sep 11, 2023

Why Cruises Are Not for Everyone


Hey everyone! Byte Size Cruises here and as travel agents, we talk to a lot of people about cruising. We book all different kinds of cruises and inevitably, we hear the good, the bad and the ugly. Cruising is one of those topics that can be polarizing; some people LOVE them, others do not. In this post we are going to run through reasons why some people dislike cruising or why cruising might not be the best fit depending on the type of vacation you’re looking for. 


  1. “It’s too claustrophobic.”

We hear this one all the time. People say they feel squeezed into a tiny cabin and they have no space on a cruise. Now, sure, if you spend the entire trip in your cabin you might feel that way a bit… But why would you do that? If you struggle with this feeling and want to go on a cruise, we would recommend you go on an Oasis class or Breakaway Plus class ship. These classes of ships have more open indoor space on board compared to other ships, lots of outdoor space, and are larger in general. In fact, there are very few places on these ships where you don’t feel like you are outside. 


  1. “I’m going to get seasick.” 

This is a legitimate concern! Seasickness is a real thing that impacts plenty of people across the globe. Here on the Byte Size team, we have members who have struggled with this in the past and we understand how horrible it can feel. In our experience, it often happens when you don’t think it will, such as on larger ships vs. smaller, sometimes further into your cruise vs. right away. It absolutely happens, however there are several remedies and precautions you can take ahead of time if this is a concern for you. From homeopathic remedies to prescription medication, there are a wide variety of options. If this is the only thing stopping you from going on a cruise, we highly recommend taking precautions and bringing medication just in case you need it. 


  1. “Germs spread too easily!”

This one we hear a lot. “It’s a petri dish! Everyone will get sick!” Here’s the thing to keep in mind; EVERY tourist spot is like this, whether you are on land or on sea. Theme parks, beach towns, ski lodges and any place where you have a large gathering of people. Putting the crowd on a cruise ship vs. Disney World doesn’t make it any different. Germs are everywhere and there is no getting around it. If you’re particularly concerned, take hand sanitizer, be sure to wash your hands a lot, and try to not stress yourself out. 


  1. “I’m a picky eater.”

This one honestly confuses us when it comes to cruises. There is a HUGE variety of options for eating on a cruise ship! For each meal they have different cuisines, dietary options, and flavors to satisfy every pallet. We have mentioned before about how we don’t love the buffet but this is more people oriented than food oriented. At the buffet you’re going to find the widest variety; SO many options. Being a picky eater does not preclude you from going on a cruise.


  1. “It’s going to be boring.”

This is another one where we are left scratching our heads. What? Here’s the lowdown; on the rare occasion where you’re booked for a long cruise on a small ship and there is a weather emergency, you may wind up spending several days at sea and getting a bit bored. However, other than that, the likelihood of you feeling like there is nothing to do day after day is unlikely. Most larger ships have TONS of different things to do and you’ll add to the excitement by stopping at ports. If you’re worried about being bored, make sure to book a larger ship where there are several activities and things to do. More likely than not, you’ll be running out of time and not even have a chance to experience everything on the ship. 


  1. “Cruises are for old people.”

Sometimes… YES! In all honesty, some cruise lines and ships are for an older crowd and the opposite is also true. Certain cruise lines and ships are specifically designed for families with children or for a younger all adults crowd. Also, if you’re doing a long cruise (more than 10 days) you’re going to see an older crowd simply because they don’t have to return to work at the end of the week. If you’re going on a cruise with your whole family and young children, you’re going to want to pick a cruise line and ship specifically designed for your best vacation. Similarly, if you’re wanting an adults only crowd, choose your cruise line and ship wisely. This is a great reason to use a travel agent, especially if this is a big concern of yours. A travel agent that specializes in cruises can make sure you’re choosing the cruise line and ship that will fit the needs of everyone traveling with you. 


  1. “I’ll be surrounded by drunk college kids.”

This one is completely the opposite of number 6 and another comment we hear a lot. A lot of people are concerned that every cruise is filled with party goers who are loud, annoying, and who will ruin your vacation. This is a good reason to choose your cruise line and ship wisely. Certain ships will have a more peaceful vibe than others while others will cater to a party crowd. Again, this is a good reason to use a travel agent to book the best cruise for the type of vacation you are looking for. 


  1. “I don’t want to be around tons of kids.”

This is a common concern and there are lots of ways to avoid a crowd of children if you’re looking for an adults only vacation. For starters, don’t cruise when school is out or over spring break. Good times of year to avoid kids would be mid January or late September; all the kids are in school! Also, be picky about the ship and itinerary you’re choosing. 


  1. “I don’t like hard selling.”

We agree with this and while it is getting a bit better, there is no way to get around it. Once you get on the ship, there are going to be people constantly trying to sell you things. From photos to souvenirs, upgrades to specials; anything they can sell you, they’ll want to. We get it, it’s not great. To get around it, simply get used to saying “No, thank you.”


  1. “I don’t like short port calls.”

Again, this is another one we cannot really control. While some cruise lines are starting to do longer times at ports and even overnights, this is not the norm. Most of the time when you stop at port, it is just for a few hours through the day. While you may not have the time to immerse yourself in the culture of where you are stopping or see everything you’d like, remember the type of vacation a cruise is. You’re stopping at several places, getting a sampling of each, and having a few hours to dip your toes in the water. If you’re looking for a long amount of time to learn a culture, book a land vacation vs. a cruise. 


That’s our list of ten reasons why people say they don’t like cruising. What’s your opinion? We would love to hear from you! Comment below.


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