Ultimate Guide to Solo Cruising - Part 3

Jul 17, 2023
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10 Reasons to Solo Cruise


Welcome to part 3 of our mini series on solo cruising! Have you ever considered going on a solo cruise? Whether you are single, in a relationship, have a big family or not, here we cover 10 reasons why you might consider this type of cruise vacation. 


1: Freedom and Independence. When it’s only you, you get to choose exactly how you spend your time. From activities, excursions, dining and shows, you’re in charge 100%. It’s completely up to you whether you plan a cruise packed with adventure, or a relaxing vacation where you move slowly from one event to the next. (Photo 1)


2: Self discovery and reflection. Solo cruising gives you the perfect opportunity to get away from home and take time for personal reflection.  It really allows you to break away from your regular routine and connect with yourself at a deeper level, whatever that looks like for you. If you’re feeling burnt out from the daily grind and like you need some peace and stillness, this could be the perfect way to find it. Maybe you want to spend some time focusing on a writing project or immerse yourself in a self led meditation course; a cruise could provide the time and space to allow you to do that with few distractions. 


3: Flexibility. When you are on a solo cruise you have the flexibility to change your plans on a whim. Booked a big adventure but feeling wiped out? No problem. You can change, reschedule, and rearrange your timing to suit your own personal needs. Love a restaurant? Eat there every night if you want. It’s totally up to you.


4: Meeting new people. Cruises are an amazing opportunity to meet new and interesting people that you may never have had a chance to meet otherwise. This could be a chance to get out of your comfort zone and shake some new hands if you’re naturally introverted, or develop a whole new circle of friends if you’re a social butterfly. 


5: Tailored Experiences. Solo cruising will allow you to focus on your own interests and specialize experiences just for you. Maybe you love fast-paced adventures or maybe you really enjoy learning about new things. When you’re by yourself, you can focus on all the things that really strike your fancy and there’s no need to compromise with anyone else. 


6: Recharge and relax. Cruising on your own gives you a great setting to focus on resting and relaxing. This could look like hanging out by the pools, on the deck, in the many lounges, hitting the spa for a massage, etc.  (Photo 2)


7: Empowerment and confidence. This experience will absolutely support you in developing confidence in solo travel as well as focusing on yourself and your needs while on vacation. It’s a boost of self confidence to do all the things by yourself and rewarding in that you get to create the exact cruising experience you want. 


8: Peace and tranquility. When you’re solo cruising, take some time to seek out quiet moments and alone time, even without other passengers. Whether this is early in the morning, late at night, in the quiet of your cabin, etc. this quiet and being with yourself absolutely will add to the peace of your cruising experience. This could also look like getting out on the beach or deck by yourself and sunbathing or stargazing. (Photo 3)


9: Creativity. If you’re looking to learn something creative or dig deeper into your hobbies, solo cruising will allow you to do this. Whether you’re bringing your own supplies or the experience is catered by the cruise line, this could be a great opportunity to develop new skills and broaden your creative horizons. 


10: Self Indulgence. While solo cruising, you can focus on you and what you want to eat at every hour of the day and night. Whether this looks like fine dining on the daily, snacking throughout the day, or trying a little bit of everything, whatever strikes your fancy is yours to eat! 


There you go! That is our list of 10 interesting reasons to solo cruise and the last blog in this mini series. Would you add anything? Have you ever solo cruised before? What was it like? Comment below; we would love to hear from you!




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