Top 10 Things to do on the NCL Joy

Sep 25, 2023

Welcome back to Byte Size Cruises! If this is your first time joining us, we are a small travel agency outside of Philadelphia, PA and we specialize in all things cruising. We look to gather all the best information about cruise lines, ships, itineraries, ports, etc. and share it with you! Today we are going to talk about the top 10 things to do on the NCL Joy. We just got off a cruise on this ship and had so much fun. This list will be a combination of complimentary things included in your cruise as well as a few things that cost extra, but are totally worth it. Let’s dive in!


  1. Go karts!

At first, we had mixed feelings about a go kart attraction on a cruise ship, but once we gave it a try we had a great time. The karts go fast, up to 35 miles per hour, so you are really zooming. It’s an open air track with amazing views and you get a lot of laps per turn. You do have to be careful as you aren’t allowed to run into other karts (it’s not bumper cars) and if you don’t obey the rules they will pull you off the track. It’s $15 per try and totally worth it. (Photo 1)


  1. Hang out in the Observation Lounge

This one is included in your cruise and worth checking out day or night. Here you’ll find snacks in the evening and light breakfast and coffee in the morning. Often at night they’ll have a piano player and it will be softly lit. You can sit there and chill, read a book, visit with family or friends, and enjoy the amazing views. (Photo 2)


  1. Teppanyaki

Some specialty dining coming in for our number three pick! We always do teppanyaki on our first night on the NCL Joy; it’s a great experience to get into vacation mode and meet some fellow passengers. The atmosphere is fun and it’s absolutely worth using a specialty dining credit or paying extra for the meal. (Photo 3) 


  1. The Elements Show

This show is exceptionally well done AND will be available to see on this ship for the foreseeable future (so, if you go on a cruise soon-ish, you’ll be able to check it out.) As the name suggests, this show is about the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water) and is definitely worth checking out.


  1. Waterslides!

On the NCL Joy there are two different types of water slides: the tube slide, where you sit in a round tube, which is easy and fun, and the water shoot slide that loops off the side of the ship and is not for the faint of heart. Both are really fun and are included in your passenger fare. (Photo 4)


  1. Glow Party

This party is tons of fun and worth going to, even if you just check it out for an hour. They give glow sticks to everyone, blacklights are on, and be sure to wear white! There’s lots of great music and an awesome atmosphere. 


  1. Joint Games in the Atrium

The Atrium is the central focal point of where everything happens on the ship on deck 6, Starbucks is there, there’s a bar and a big TV screen, and this is just a fun time. They do morning trivia and sudoku there, which is usually pretty quiet, and then they do crowd trivia and other crowd based games in the afternoons and evenings. This is a great chance to meet other passengers and do something different; definitely check it out. 


  1. Check out HOT TUB in Spice H2O

Spice H2O is an adults only venue during the day and then open to everyone at night (they usually do parties back there.) There is a massive hot tub that holds about thirty people there and it’s a great place to hangout, have a drink, and enjoy some peace and quiet.  (Photo 5)


  1. Late Night at the Local

The food at this restaurant is included in your cruise fare and it’s a great place to find a late night snack and grab a drink. The service is great and bar-style food is served into the wee hours of the morning. If you’re craving some pretzel bites or wings at 1am, this is the place to be. (Photo 6)


  1. Try Food Republic or Q Texas Smokehouse

These specialty dining restaurants are not included in your cruise, however we absolutely recommend you try at least one of them while on the NCL Joy. Q Texas Smokehouse serves up all different kinds of barbeque while Food Republic is an Asian Fusion restaurant. The food is delicious and the service is excellent. 


Those are our top 10 things to do while on the NCL Joy! Have you sailed on the NCL Joy before? Would you add anything? We would love to hear from you. Subscribe and comment below!


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