Top 10 Most Anticipated Cruise Ships for 2024

Sep 25, 2023

Byte Size Cruises here; WELCOME! We are a travel agency that specializes in cruising and today we are going to give you the rundown on the top 10 most anticipated ships for 2024. If you enjoy cruising or are looking to gather information for your first cruising vacation, we would love to have you along for the journey. Subscribe to our posts! Let’s get started.


  1. Icon of the Seas (Photo 1)

We have talked about this ship a lot - and so has everyone else - but that hasn’t diffused our excitement for this ship to launch in 2024. This ship is HUGE and it is sailing for the first time in January of 2024. There are going to be brand new neighborhoods on this ship, including an adults only area, kids only area, and a new suite space that will have a suite only pool and suite only restaurant. The water park on this ship is insane and it will feature the Crown’s Edge attraction, where you can zipline around the outside of the ship. 

One of the most notable changes for us is the Promenade being open to the outside, so you’ll get all that natural light and amazing views while you’re shopping and eating. In order to do this, they built an amazing feature called the Pearl, which is an inside structure. This ship will also have new shows, aqua pods, and more! We will be on Icon of the Seas next year and we can’t wait.


  1. Sun Princess (Photo 2)

This will be the biggest ship yet for Princess Cruise Lines by about 20% (not nearly as large as Icon, but large compared to other Princess ships) and launching in February of 2024. This will have a cool new dome that will have pools for passengers during the day and entertainment at night. There is going to be an adventure park and a glass piazza in the center of the ship. This is another ship we will be sailing on next year and we are definitely looking forward to it. 


  1. Queen Anne (Photo 3)

The Queen Anne will be very similar to the other ships done by Cunard Cruise Lines. There will be a new Bright Lights Society venue and a new entertainment venue. All of the staples that make Cunard Cruises fancy and formal will be there. This ship launches in May of 2024.


  1. Mein Shiff 7

This is a European ship and the biggest addition here is that they are building a lot more cabins for solo travelers. There is a new Asian Fusion restaurant and they are building a smoke-free casino with an attached night club. We have not yet been on a European cruise line ship; the style of cruising is a bit different than what you find on American cruise ships, but I’m sure we will enjoy it when we get there. 


  1. Disney Treasure

This is the sixth ship in the Disney fleet and coming out next year. They haven’t added a new ship to their fleet in a while so Disney lovers are very excited about this one. This is the sister ship to the Disney Wish and is more environmentally friendly than the typical cruise ship. It is going to feature a three story atrium grand hall inspired by Aladdin (Photo 4) and the launch of this ship is going to coincide with the opening of their new private island in the Bahamas, Lighthouse Point (Photo 5). The Treasure will set sail in the summer of 2024.


  1. The Silver Ray

This is more of a luxury cruise ship and is the most spacious ship on the high seas. (Photo 6) Overall, this is a small ship designed to only hold 728 passengers (compared to the several thousand that is the standard on cruise ships.) This ship is all about dining, the suite, all the space, and the luxury experience. 


  1. Utopia of the Seas

This is the second addition Royal Caribbean is releasing next year and is another massive ship. Utopia will be launching in the summer of 2024 and we’ve already heard that they’re adding sushi in the park and building a double decker Giovanni's. There’s also going to be all of your expected amenities as well as some additional specialty dining. 


  1. The Explora 2

This is MSC’s new luxury offering, with over 500 ocean suites available and no inside cabins. This is a large ship and will be debuting in August of 2024.


  1. Mein Shiff 8

This is another European ship launching next year! This ship is their most environmentally friendly ship to date and will offer a redesigned top deck for passengers with a new awning feature. (Photo 7) It will hold about 4000 passengers and will launch in August of 2024.


  1. The Viking Villa

This is an adults only cruise ship and is also on the smaller side, much like the other luxury brands, holding just under one thousand passengers. If you’ve been on a Viking ocean cruise ship you’ll know the layout of this new one as well; they are all very similar with the same food options and general ammenities for guests. (Photo 8) If you enjoy an adults only cruise, this could be a great ship to check out in 2024. 


Those are the 10 new ships coming out in 2024! Are you cruising next year? Is there a particular ship you’d like to go on? We’d love to hear from you! Comment below.


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