Port Review: Nassau, Bahamas

Nov 02, 2023

Byte Size Cruises here and welcome to our blog! We are a travel agency that specializes in cruise vacations. We look to bring you the best and most up to date information on cruising so you can craft your best vacation! Today we are wrapping up our mini series on reviewing cruise ports and covering Nassau in the Bahamas. 


When we visited Nassau we came on Mariner of the Seas. This port has been newly built so we were excited to check it out. 

  They did a really great job in building this port while conserving the culture of the Bahamas. When we were there four different cruise ships were docked. While there were a lot of people, it didn’t feel very crowded because of the way the port has been redesigned. You can now walk just about all the way down to the beach without leaving the port area and they’ve added this amphitheater for special events. 

The development is moving on now to the downtown area of Nassau so cruise ships can start staying overnight in this city. This would be great for the economy here, they just obviously need to make sure it is safe and built up before the cruise companies will agree. 


You can see the lighthouse here and along this little strip is where another new port is going to be built. This will allow for even more people to be able to stop here and enjoy the city. While you are at port, there are all sorts of different things to check out. From shopping to historic sites, the straw market, beaches, the Queen’s Staircase, and more! This is also a hot spot for different excursions. Be sure, as always, to double check the time you need to be back on the ship for departure and make sure your excursion will end in time. 


Have you been to the new port at Nassau? What did you enjoy the most? If you’re planning a trip here, what are you most excited about? We would love to hear from you! Comment below.


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