Port Review - Bermuda

Oct 13, 2023

Port Review: Bermuda, King’s Wharf


Welcome back to Byte Size Cruises! We are a small travel agency specializing in all things cruising and this post continues our port review series with none other than Bermuda. If you’re thinking about going on a cruise or planning to travel here soon, we’ll share the ins and outs and tips with you here. If this sounds interesting to you, we would love to have you subscribe to our blog!


We’ve traveled to Bermuda several times on several different ships and this is a really great place to stop at when you’re on a cruise. It's a warm place you can access quickly if you live in the north east and has lots of different things to offer travelers. For example, you could do a 5 day cruise out of Boston that has an overnight in Bermuda. It allows you to really feel like you’ve traveled far and experienced another culture without spending a week on a ship. With the overnight time there, you really have a minute to relax and enjoy the port rather than only having a few hours and rushing back to the ship. The weather in Bermuda is going to be similar to that in the Carolina’s; warm but not insanely tropical, so pack accordingly. 


Most of the time if you’re stopping here you’ll dock at the King’s Wharf or the Royal Naval Dockyard. (Photo 1) This is a dockable port, which means you can walk right off the ship and onto the dock rather than taking tenders over to shore. The port itself is very easy to navigate; you just walk through the door there and you’re in the King's Wharf. There is free WiFi at the port (not the fastest but it’s free). As soon as you get off the ship you’ll see the mansion there, which is the old governor's quarters that you can go and check out. (Photo 2) There also is Captain Jack’s which is a boat where you can pay a fee to enter and then eat and have fun doing different activities. Next to Captain Jack’s there is another play place for kids and adults that has a giant water obstacle course. (Photo 3) You can pay to enter and have fun all day!


There is a shuttle that will take you around the port to various things you might want to see; there’s a mall, little places to stop and eat, and a small free beach. Whether you walk or take the shuttle, there’s a bunch of restaurants, shops, a pharmacy, a breakfast place, an ice cream place, and overall just a lot to see and do. (Photo 4) When you go down the main road and to the left, that is your meeting place for all of your excursions. It is very simple; you will see them holding signs up for whatever excursion you have booked. 


Sometimes when your cruise ship docks there will also be another ship there, sometimes not. Either way, there is so much to do here it’s never been an issue. 


Another thing you will see when you arrive at port is a ferry. Now, the side of the ferry says “Norwegian Cruise Line” but that’s just an advertisement. Regardless of the cruise ship you arrived on, you can pay for a ticket to take this ferry over to Hamilton or Saint George. These are the two sweet spots in the area for excursions and things to do. Hamilton is the more built up of the two that is more city-like with lots of shopping. Saint George is more historical where you can check out some amazing architecture and go on tours to visit historic sites and experience the culture of Bermuda. We definitely recommend visiting both of these places to experience everything the area has to offer. 


Again, lots of fun things to do and you don’t have to go far. If traveling seems like too much at port, there’s plenty to see and do the moment you walk off the ship. (Photo 5) If you want more freedom on the island you also could hire a driver and create your own private excursion. The last time we were there, we went on the West End Trolly Tour, which was a beautiful drive. They share a lot of information with you about the island and you get to see some really cool things on the west side of Bermuda, such as Sea Glass Beach. (Photo 6) Another place you can visit is Horseshoe Bay, which has very light pink colored sand. 


Remember, if you do an overnight here there is no curfew! Plan ahead to check out some local night time spots and experience a different side of the island. We love when a cruise we are on stops at Bermuda. Whether you are on your first cruise vacation or have traveled on a ship many times, this is a fun place to visit and you’ll always find something new to see and do. 


Have you traveled to Bermuda on a cruise? What was your favorite thing there? Anything you would add to our list? We would love to hear from you! Subscribe and comment below.


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