Mariner of the Seas; What we were the MOST excited about.

Sep 27, 2023

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We recently got back from a cruise on Mariner of the Seas and this post is all about this ship and our cruise highlights. The Mariner of the Seas is a Voyager class ship by Royal Caribbean (Photo 1) and was built in 2002 and launched in 2003. It has a max capacity of 4,000 passengers, 1,200 staff, and a total of 15 different decks on board. Now this ship is a bit different from some of the other Voyager class ships because it was amplified in 2018, giving it more variety. Some of the biggest differences to other ships in this class include Playmakers Sports Bar and Arcade right in the middle of the Royal Pramade as well as the Bamboo Room, which is unique to this ship. (Photo 2). Other differences between the Mariner of the Seas and other Voyager class ships are the restaurants on the pool deck level, which add extra options for specialty dining on this ship. Up on deck 15 you’ll find another unique feature: the Escape Room (Photo 3). So, even though this ship has the bones of a Voyager class ship, it has several different options for fun and dining. 


When we were on Mariner of the Seas for 8 days and traveled out of Orlando to the Bahamas and Bermuda. This itinerary was GREAT. Because we were only traveling to two locations for an 8 day cruise we were scheduled to be in Bermuda for 3 days. No need to rush around! We really enjoy when we are at port for more than one day and don’t have to stress about our timing and running around to see everything we want to see and then getting back on to the ship in time. 


One thing we looked forward to the most was the specialty dining. Like we mentioned above, Mariner of the Seas has far more specialty dining options than other Voyager class ships. (Photo 4) Some of these options include sushi, hibachi, Chops Steakhouse, Jamie’s Italian, and more! The amount of variety offered on this ship was absolutely awesome. We never got bored and were able to take part in something different just about each day. We also ate from the dining rooms, takeout places, and buffet restaurants that are included in the fare of the cruise and all of the food was good. 


Of course we were excited to stop at Perfect Day CocoCay, which is the private island owned by Royal Caribbean in the Bahamas. (Photo 5) This is the perfect place to chill out on the pristine beach or hit the water park for some fast moving thrills. 


To hear more about our cruise on Mariner of the Seas and see our day by day cruise vlog, check out our YouTube channel at Byte Size Cruises! 


Have you been on this ship? What sounds the most interesting to you? We would love to hear from you! Comment below.


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