Entertainment Review: Mariner of the Seas

Dec 24, 2023

Hello and welcome to Byte Size Cruises! If this is your first time with us, we are glad you're here. We are a small travel agency just outside of Philadelphia, PA and we specialize in all things cruises. If you enjoy cruises or you're looking to gather information for your first cruise, click to subscribe! Today we are going to review all of the entertainment on Mariner of the Seas. 

On some of the mid-size to smaller ships, like Mariner of the Seas, you aren't going to find Broadway style shows. Instead there are more traditional Royal Caribbean types of entertainment. Let's start with the different things that are going on around the ship. There is the Cruise Director and the Cruise Director Staff, who run all the entertainment on the ship. When we were on Mariner in the fall of 2023, the Cruise Director was Dan Dan the Party Man, and he has been with Royal Caribbean for a long time. Him and his staff did an incredible job putting together shows and entertainment for everybody on board.

His staff was in the Star Lounge often doing Bingo, Rock the Room, and lots of other fun games. They had something going on every night. They also had some fun things and live entertainment going on over at the Schooner Bar in the evenings. This became a fun way to meet other passengers and hang out. 

The silent discos and promenade parties were a lot of fun and all of the live music we heard, whether it was from a DJ or guitar player, was excellent. They had themed 70's and 80's promenade parties with live entertainment which we definitely recommend checking out. Again, these are just things that are going on around the ship throughout your cruise that you can partake in and enjoy if they are interesting to you. 

Let's get into the different production shows on the ship. Night one was a variety show with a comedian and a juggler. Night two there was a series of songs with live music and it was very well done.

Then there was Dario Al Galo who was a performing artist and comedian, and to be honest, in our opinion he was funnier than any of the comedians on the ship. 

Overall, the shows were pretty good and we enjoyed most of them. Again, they are not Broadway style shows, but the singing, dancing and performing artists were excellent. 

And then, there are the ice shows. WOW. The ice shows are under the big top and we are always impressed with how they manage to pull off these tricks on a small rink and on a moving ship no less. Definitely check this one out!

If you're planning to cruise on Mariner, definitely go check out all the different shows and participate in the games and parties. Overall, it's a really fun time and we enjoyed each different kind of entertainment. Take the time to interact with the Cruise Director and his staff, they're great. 

Lastly! We highly recommend - if you're not easily offended - check out the Crazy Quest. It is a fun party game for adults and we always have tons of laughs when we go. 

That is our review of the entertainment on Mariner of the Seas! Have you cruised on Mariner? What was your favorite show? Comment below! We would love to hear from you.


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