15 Reasons to Consider a Disney Cruise

Aug 01, 2023
mickey and mini at Disney Wish

Welcome back to Byte Size Cruises! Today we are reviewing Disney Cruise Line. If you’ve never been on a Disney Cruise, it is much different than your typical cruising experience. Today we are going to share 15 reasons why you might consider Disney for your next cruising vacation. Let's get right into it!

1: You Love Disney. If you are a Disney lover, then look no further than a Disney Cruise. On a Disney Cruise, you will experience all the magic of Disney on a cruise. Right now there are five Disney cruise ships with a sixth coming this year. It is the perfect way to experience all the things you adore about Disney while on the high seas. 


2: Castaway Cay. This is Disney’s private island in the Bahamas that you’ll get to stop at while on a Disney cruise. They are currently building their second island, Lighthouse Point, which will be coming to you in the not too distant future. 


3: Marvel Themed Days at Sea. Now that Disney owns Marvel, they are incorporating Marvel themed days into your cruising experience. On these days, you’ll get to meet characters from the Marvel comics and movies as well as participate in fun themed activities and parties. 


4: Find the Hidden Mickeys. On each Disney ship, there are Mickeys hidden in the artwork all over the ship. The ship will host scavenger hunts to find these, which is a fun activity for both kids and Disney loving adults. 


5: Personal Touches. The attention to detail is a part of what separates Disney as a whole from everyone else. They go out of their way to make you feel at home, from introductions when you board the ship, to helping you and your family experience all the magic of Disney while away at sea.


6: Fireworks! Disney is known internationally for their firework shows and at sea is no different. If you’re particularly interested in seeing this show, make sure to book a trip that includes it because they are not on all sailings. This is a good reason to use a travel agent, particularly for a Disney cruise, as there are many opportunities for unique experiences only available on a Disney ship that you might not know about otherwise.


7: Free Mickey Ice Cream Bars. These are available at many places all over the ship and are a fun treat to look for and enjoy while aboard. One thing that makes Disney cruising unique is that they include things in your cruise that other companies do not, such as soda, while aboard the ship. Be sure to gather all the information on what is and is not included ahead of time, or better yet, use a travel agent to book your cruise to make sure you know all the details so you can be sure to take advantage of these perks. 


8: Split Bathrooms. In some cabins, you can book rooms that have a split bathroom where you have two separate spaces: one for a bathtub and a sink and another for a toilet and a second sink. This is a great little perk, especially if you are traveling with children. Unique to Disney, all the cabins have bathtubs. A feature that is also beneficial when you’re traveling with young kids. 


  1. Disney Movies GALORE! In your cabin you get access to ALL the Disney movies in their catalog. They also will be showing various Disney movies around the ship in theaters and cozy seating areas. 


  1. BYOB. Normally on cruises you are allowed to bring up to 2 bottles of wine or 6 beers with you upon embarking on your trip. On a Disney Cruise however, they allow you to bring this same amount of alcohol with you onto the ship at EACH port. For those of you looking to save $$ on a drink package, this is a great perk to take advantage of!


  1. Themed Sailings. We already talked about Marvel days at sea, which is tons of fun. In addition to this, Disney does themed sailings for both Halloween and the holiday season. One themed sailing that Disney is famous for is the Thanksgiving cruise where you’ll wake up the day after Thanksgiving to the entire ship being decorated for the holidays. While these themed sailings are more expensive than the regular ones, they are an amazing and unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else. 


  1. Character Breakfast. You get to have breakfast one morning on your cruise with a Disney character, so whether you’re a Disney lover or your kids are huge Mickey fans, this is another fun and unique experience for everyone. 


  1. Personal Spaces. The Disney ships are designed with personal space in mind. Adults, children and even teenagers all have their own spaces on the ship to create an enjoyable experience for every age. Most people don’t know that there are a ton of adult only spaces on Disney ships. If you’re not bringing children with you and are an adult that loves Disney, this is an added perk you’ll definitely want to take advantage of. 


  1. Character Experiences! While on the ship you have the opportunity to meet and interact with all sorts of Disney characters. This creates the environment for epic photos and memory making with your friends and family. 


15: Money is no object! Upfront, booking a Disney Cruise will cost about double what it would cost on another cruise line. However, it will include a TON of extra perks and experiences as well as that Disney touch that cannot be found anywhere else. If this is the type of experience you are looking for, then we say it is 100% worth it. 


These are our top 15 reasons to consider Disney for your next cruise! Have you been on a Disney cruise? What was your experience like? Comment below!


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