10 Smart Tips for Your Next Norwegian Cruise Line Vacation

Jul 22, 2023
10 NCL Tips

Welcome back to Byte Size Cruises! If you’re planning a cruise with Norwegian, this post is for you. Whether this is your first time cruising or you’re familiar with their ships, here are 10 Smart Tips to make your cruising experience the absolute best it can be. 


  1. Solo Cruising Central! If you’re traveling alone, book a studio cabin on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship. Norwegian does a really great job of setting solo cruisers up for success. They have sudio cabins that don’t charge double occupancy (remember, if you book a standard room, the cruise line will assume double occupancy and charge as such.) On the Breakaway Plus class ships there is a studio lounge designed specifically for solo cruisers staying in studio cabins. Here you can relax, grab a snack or drink, and meet other solo cruisers. (Photo 1)
  2. Private Islands. Norwegian owns both Harvest Cay which is in Belise and they have Great Stirrup Cay which is in the Bahamas. Great Stirrup Cay is set up where you can use your keycard from the ship for a lot of things on the island which is a huge bonus. Something to keep in mind; there is not a walk off dock at Great Stirrup Cay and you have to go over on a tender. You’ll want to reserve yours the night before and go early in the morning to avoid any long lines or wait times. (Photo 2)
  3. Themed Parties! Norwegian does a really great job of putting together fun, themed parties for its guests. Normally they’ll do a glow party, an 80’s party and they may do a white party. If you want to dress up for them, keep that in mind when you’re packing for your vacation. 
  4. Tour the Spa. When you first get on the ship, you will be offered a FREE tour of the spa. There may be areas there that are included in your stay on the ship or you can add on to your vacation for a cost. We love the thermal spa; this is a little oasis that is a bit of an extra charge but will give you access to a more private, luxury area. The thermal spa includes a sauna, steam rooms, luxury interior deck chairs, heated benches, beautiful views, and more. 
  5. Use the Waterfront! This is included on all of the ships built in the past ten years or so and is a deck that wraps around the entire ship. This is an expansive area with great views, places to relax, and infinity pools that go right off the side of the ship. On most of the ships, this is on deck 8, which makes you a lot closer to the water than you would be for views on other ships. (Photo 3)
  6. Download the app and use it before you get on the ship. This will give you the time to get really familiar with the way the app works, where to find things, etc. before you’re actually on your vacation. Once you get on the ship it will change a bit and give you the ability to book reservations, but getting familiar with it ahead of time is always a good idea. 
  7. Look at each ship individually before you book your cruise. There are variations between ships and which one you go on will greatly affect your cruising experience. Maybe you’re wanting a smaller ship for a more intimate experience or you’re wanting a larger ship for more entertainment and attraction options. Maybe you’re wanting the newest ship for the latest amenities. Look at each of the ships; each has its own personality and things that are specific to them to make sure you’re booking the best option for you. 
  8. Make sure you make reservations ahead of time. For any extras on the ship, such as upscale dining or entertainment, you’re going to need to make reservations and you don’t want to wait until the last minute. There is potential that attractions will sell out and you’ll miss being able to experience them. You can do this either pre-cruise or as soon as you get on the ship. (Photo 4)
  9. Freestyle Cruising. This is a methodology that makes Norwegian unique among cruise lines where there are no dress codes, no dining times, etc. Because of this, we recommend you really look at everything before you get on the ship, such as menus, entertainment options, etc. You also might look at what people are generally wearing and the vibe of the ship so you can be prepared and pack accordingly. 
  10. Norwegian has Free NC. This is a great option to add on to your cruising experience which includes a drink package for everyone in your room, specialty dining for guests one and two, a $50 port excursion credit per port, and more. Check out this option and see if it might be a good fit for you!


That is 10 Smart Tips for your next Norwegian cruise! Did we miss anything? What was your last cruising experience with Norwegian like? Subscribe and comment below; we would love to hear from you.


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